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Oregon Harvester Chain 11H 3/4" .122" 50ft

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Oregon Harvester Chain made by US company Blount Inc.

The Oregon 11H Mechanical Harvester Chain reel contains 50ft of 11H chain, the ideal chain for professional woodcutters using 3/4" .122" mechanical harvester heads.

Oregon 11H features.

  • Semi-chisel with an aggressive cutting edge with a forgiving sharpening profile and excellent stay-sharp qualities
  • Wider gullet maximises cutting efficiency and chip-clearing capability
  • Offset cutter footprint minimises "knife edging" of the bar rails, offering increased support and stability
  • Advanced chrome-plating process yields maximum cutter sharpness 
  • Oregon 11H holds its edge in brutal conditions involving high speed hot and cold conditions
  • Oregon's USA patented OCS-01 steel is designed to have long-lasting durability in the toughest conditions.
  • Pitch 3/4"
  • Gauge .122"
  • Length 50ft
  • HP parameters 10/100HP (min/max)
  • Chain speed parameters 1500/7000 ft/min, recommended 6000 ft/min
  • SKU: 11H050R
  • Supplied with 8 joiner links
  • File size / grinder wheel width 5/16"
  • Grinder head tilt 50 degree
  • Grinder vice angle 30 degree
  • Raker depth gauge 60 thou (1.52mm)
  • Weight 15.5kg

Safety Warning: Oregon 11H chain is made with aggressive cutters for use on mechanical processing applications. 11H is not suitable for use on hand held equipment. 11H can cause high kickback or unexpected reactions in handheld equipment. Hi chain speed applications presents the risk of thrown pieces in the event of breakage or chain derailment. Use only on properly guarded machinery.