GB HardTop

GB Hard Top has been thoroughly field tested in the world’s toughest hardwood forests. As a result, GB’s researchers and technicians have created an incredibly durable hard-nose bar that wins respect from any professional logger.
Tough cutting situations, such as land clearing, stump removal, salvage operations, demolition, etc. call for tough cutting attachments. The GB Hard Top bar is as tough as they come. This high-quality, solid-nose bar is built to withstand the most abusive and abrasive conditions.

The Hard Top is crafted from solid T-40 steel, a high-tech alloy specified by GB engineers, who work closely with industrial metallurgists to isolate the ideal alloys for various GB guide bar applications.

GB has enhanced the Hard Top with brand new hard-facing alloy used in the space industry--NASALLOY 8. A generous deposit of this material is fused to the nose radius. It’s fierce resistance to heat and wear guarantee extended life and assure customer satisfaction. Superior Hardness and Superior Straightness = Superior Life.

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