GB Milling Chainsaw Bar Arbor-Tech - 3/8LP .050

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GB Arbor-Tech 3/8LP Milling range is a perfect choice for precision milling of valuable timber, where minimal wastage and cut width is required.

Arbor-Tech are professional rated, replacement nose bars for saws running 3/8" Low Profile drive sprockets. 

Arbor-Tech Milling bars feature a one piece solid extra thin 4.2mm steel body, specially heat treated and tempered for high strength. Super tough, high tech alloy nose sprocket glides on precision Swiss bearings.

20" - 42" Arbor-tech bars are manufactured in SN mount to fit 12mm stud Stihl.

48" bar is manufactures in HS to fit large 14mm stud Stihl. 

Three types of Bar slot spacers are available for 9mm Husqvarna, 12mm Stihl and other saw brands.

PLEASE NOTE - 3/8" LOW PROFILE drive sprocket is required. A standard 3/8" sprocket is not suitable. 

Drive sprocket 7 tooth 3/8"LP and bar spacer adaptors are sold seperate not included with bar.

Need help selecting correct bar or adaptor please ask.

SNHL20-50WR  - Length 20", SN mount, Pitch 3/8LP, Gauge .050

SNHL25-50WRLength 25", SN mount, Pitch 3/8LP, Gauge .050

SNHL30-50WR - Length 30", SN mount, Pitch 3/8LP, Gauge .050

SNHL36-50WRLength 36", SN mount, Pitch 3/8LP, Gauge .050

SNHL42-50WRLength 42", SN mount, Pitch 3/8LP, Gauge .050

HS48-50WR - Length 48", HS mount, Pitch 3/8LP, Gauge .050


GBR7L7 - 7 tooth 3/8LP Sprocket Rim (Stihl 046, 066, MS660, Husky 390, 395, 3120 etc).

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