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Chainsaw Chain CARLTON® N4C 3/8LP" .043" Semi Chisel

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CARLTON® 3/8LP Low profile .043" Semi Chisel 

CARLTON a leading saw chain brand, manufactured for more than 50 years.

Carlton is renowned for its premium quality, outstanding value and ease of sharpening. Manufactured by US company Blount Inc, Carlton chain is sharpened after assembly to make cut fast out of the box, all rivet bearings are lubricated with hypoid lubricant to reduce wear and prolong the life of every chain.

Low Profile semi chisel tooth has a round profile that holds an edge longer than full chisel in dirty cutting conditions. An ideal chain for cutting both soft and hardwood species.

  • Pitch: 3/8LP Low Profile
  • Gauge: .043" 1.1mm
  • File size 5/32, 4mm
  • SKU: N4C
  • Semi chisel tooth
  • Standard sequence

Warning: This is non safety chain that may be capable of severe kickback. Use only if you are a trained experienced chainsaw operator.