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  • Chainsaw Bar Spacer Adaptor, Whites Forestry Equipment, Strzelecki Trading
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Chainsaw Bar Spacer Adaptor

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GB Forestry Guide Bar Spacers are used to adapt larger mount type bars to narrower stud sizes. CNC machined for precise fitment. 

Important check your powerhead stud and oil outlet measurements before ordering.

GBSP9/12 - Stihl 12mm SN mount bar - Husqvarna HV 9mm chainsaw. Fits od stud width 45-53mm 

GBSP9/14 - Stihl 14mm HSD mount bar - Husqvarna HV 9mm chainsaw Fits od stud width 53-56mm

GBSP12/14 - Stihl 14mm HSD mount bar - Stihl SN 12mm chainsaw Fits od stud width 47mm

Please check bar oil holes correctly align with the powerhead oil outlet. Not all bars are suitable for adaption, please check before purchasing or using this product.

**Note GBSP9/12 will not fit Husqvarna 3120, 55mm width studs**