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  • Chain Sharpener Grinder Hydraulic Assist Tecomec Italy,
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Chain Sharpener Grinder Hydraulic Assist Tecomec Italy

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$700.00 AUD
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$825.00 AUD
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$700.00 AUD
  • Tecomec Hydraulic Assist Bench Grinder
  • This professional quality bench mounted chain grinder will speed up production in a busy workshop. This unit has all the features of our most popular bench grinder plus a built-in hydraulic assist that closes the chain vise automatically each time the motor and wheel are lowered. Eliminates manual locking and unlocking of the chain vise as each cutter is sharpened and can cut down sharpening time by as much as 50%.
  • Featuring a built-in lamp for better visibility, a large ergonomic handle with release button for comfortable use and comes complete with extra wheels and accessories.
  •  Accessories include:
  •  3mm Wheel for 1/4", 3/8" LP, .325"
  •  4.7mm Wheel for 3/8" and .404"
  •  Wheel dressing block
  •  Chain clamp assy. complete
  •  Depth gauge wheel.