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Tungsten Carbide Chain + Diamond File, .325" .058" Full Chisel

Tungsten Carbide Chain + Diamond File, .325" .058" Full Chisel

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Carbide-tipped saw chains are specifically developed for longer cutting edge life, resulting in less frequent sharpening. Carbide chain cuts approximately 4-5 times more wood per sharpen than conventional steel chain.

Maya large cutter full chisel carbide is a medium cutting speed chain, ideal for cutting both soft and hardwood species and works best in green wood or medium density dry wood with greater than 15% moisture content. It's also suited for cutting dirty or treated wood, burnt logs, stumping etc, but contacting hard objects like dirt, sand, rocks or steel may damage or shorten its lifespan.

Please note: If you are cutting dense hardwood with less than 15% moisture content (grey/yellow box, ironbark etc) we suggest you purchase an alternative small tooth semi chisel carbide or use a conventional steel chain. 

Carbide is an extremely hard compound, approximately twice the density of steel. It is best to remove any oil first then sharpen carbide with discs or files coated with diamond.

  • Pitch:  .325" (see other listings for 3/8")
  • Gauge: .058", 1.5mm 
  • Cutter: OR Full Chisel 
  • 1x Diamond File 3/16" 4.8mm 
  • Chain Brand: Maya

Warning: This is a non-safety chain capable of kick-back. Use only if you’re a trained and experienced chainsaw operator. 

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