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GB EVO2 Saw Chain 100ft 3/8 .050" Semi Chisel

GB EVO2 Saw Chain 100ft 3/8 .050" Semi Chisel

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GB FORESTRY EVO2 - Cutting Edge Saw Chain.

GB EVO2 A50S is a rugged, semi chisel saw chain designed for professionals who rely on powerful chainsaws. Made of sturdy nickel alloy steel, the cutters are shot peened and coated with industrial chrome to enhance strength. Experience the ultimate combination of convenience and performance with EVO2's semi chisel tooth design. Sharpening is a breeze, while the rounded profile ensures superior edge retention for unparalleled cutting performance.

Product Details

  • Pitch 3/8"
  • Gauge .050" 1.3mm
  • Cutter Semi Chisel
  • Standard sequence
  • Length 100ft 1640 drive links
  • Supplied with joiners and storage boxes
  • Part# A50S-1P100E2
  • Worldwide Shipping
  • Secure Payments
  • Quality Product
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