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Whites Forestry Equipment

Chainsaw Chain Skip-Tooth Ripping 3/8" 058" Full Chisel 10 Degree

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Skip-Tooth Chainsaw Chain, Full Chisel, Ripping & Milling  


  • Pitch 3/8
  • Gauge .058
  • Cutter Full Chisel  
  • Cutter Tooth Angle 10 degree
  • Skip Tooth Sequence
  • Brand Maya

Skip tooth chain has and extra drive link between each cutting tooth 1/3 less cutting teeth require less power to operate, ideal for longer bars. The additional gap between cutters allows for better chip clearance. Skip tooth reduces load on the power head helping maintain maximum RPM. It is best used on longer bars. it can result in "chain chatter" if used on very short bars and is not recommended as there are less teeth to engage the wood.
Ripping chain is a regular chain, factory sharpened with a ten-degree tooth cutting angle. It is most commonly used for slabbing & ripping posts. Designed for cutting with the grain it creates a smoother cut compared with standard 30-degree cross cutting chain. Not recommended for cross cutting.