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Chainsaw Chain Archer 3/8LP" .043" Full Chisel

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$20.00 AUD

Archer D Series 3/8LP" pitch is a low profile large tooth full chisel chain designed for small low powered chainsaws. Archer is manufactured from nickel alloy steel, cutters are shot peened and industrial chrome plated to increase tensile strength. Archer full chisel is ideal for those who prefer fast cutting and ease of sharpening, it works best in clean cutting conditions.

Product Details
  • Pitch: 3/8LP" Low Profile 
  • Gauge: .043" 1.1mm
  • Tooth: Full Chisel
  • Standard sequence
  • Archer replacement for Stihl® Picco™ saw chain
  • File size: 5/32", 4mm
  • Manufactured by PMD International Pty Ltd in China

Warning: This is a non safety chain that may be capable of severe kickback. Use only if you are a trained experienced chainsaw operator.