What is Chain Pitch & Gauge?

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What is Chain Pitch?

Pitch is the measurement between any 3 consecutive rivets divided by 2. Measure from the first to the third rivet then divide that number in half to get your chain pitch.

There are 6 saw chain pitch variations available. 3/8” pitch saw chain is the most common size sold worldwide.

1/4" is mainly fitted to electric or low powered saws.

.325" & 3/8LP (low-profile) both are fitted to small mid range chainsaws. 3/8LP is also referred as stihl picco TM

3/8" has the same rivet measurement as 3/8LP but has a larger cutting tooth and deeper drive link than 3/8LP.

.404” chain is fitted to large chainsaws generally over 90cc motor capacity.

3/4” chain is used on hydraulic driven mechanical tree harvesters and commercial docking machines it's not used on hand operated chainsaws.


What is Chain Gauge?

Chain gauge is the thickness of the drive link where it runs in the bar groove. Chain gauge should match the guide bar gauge.


There are 6 gauge measurements of commonly used saw chain .043" .050" .058" .063" .080" .122" (.080" & .122" are used on mechanical harvesting equipment).

Tip - Normal chainsaw use will wear drive links, making it difficult to accurately measure the gauge of older chains. 

If you need advice on saw chain selection ask us at Whites Forestry Equipment