Tungsten Carbide Tipped Chainsaw Chain 25ft, .404" .063"

Tungsten Carbide Tipped Chainsaw Chain 25ft, .404" .063"

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Carbide-tipped saw chains are specifically developed for longer cutting edge life, resulting in less frequent sharpening. Carbide chain cuts up to 120M2 of wood before sharpening is required. Approximately 4-5 times more wood per sharpen than conventional steel chain. The full chisel tooth is designed for faster cutting of both dry and green wood. It's also suited to cutting bark or treated wood, burnt logs, stumping etc, but contacting hard objects like sand, rocks or steel will damage it.

Carbide is best suited to all medium density hardwood and softwood species. Stringy bark, Messmate, Ash, Cypress, Pine & all green wood etc.

We suggest using a conventional steel chain for extremely dry or low moisture content, dense hardwood species, Ironbark, Grey & Yellow Box, Blackwood, etc. Cutting stone contaminated railway sleepers will damage it.

Carbide chain is best sharpened with a 4.7mm diamond grinding disc or 7/32" 5.5mm diamond file 

  • Brand: Maya
  • Length: 25ft
  • Pitch: .404"  
  • Gauge: .063" 
  • Joining links: 6-pack
  • Storage pouches: 6-pack

    Please note: Chain is supplied loose spooled and wrapped in bubble wrap for ease of postage.

    Warning this is a non-safety saw chain, it’s capable of kick-back. Use only if you’re a trained and experienced chainsaw operator. 

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