Chainsaw Sharpening Grinding Disc Diamond 145 X 22.3 x 4.7mm for 3/8 .404 Maya Tungsten

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Diamond  Sharpening Disc 145 x 22.3 x 4.7mm

Suitable for 3/8" & .404 pitch Maya Tungsten tipped chain. 

Maximum RPM - 12000

Swarts diamond discs are the latest evolution in chainsaw sharpening equipment. These wheels are made to suit all brands of chainsaw sharpeners on the market, provided they use a 145mm wheel with a 22.3mm center hole (bore).

Diamond discs are suitable for sharpening both steel and tungsten-carbide tipped chains. Discs keep their shape perfectly throughout their service life, with no dressing required.  Due to their high-quality diamond coating, these wheels will last hundreds of chains. Swarts diamond discs will not break down or produce dust when in use. They use a steel base which draws heat away from the chain and is dissipated through the interior of the wheel itself so you won't burn or temper your chain teeth. During production, the discs are machined to an incredibly fine tolerance to eliminate vibration caused by the discs during sharpening which results in a sharper, long-lasting tooth.

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