Chainsaw Chain PROKUT 3/8" 4x 84DL Loops ON SALE fit Stihl or Husqvarna

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PROKUT™ Saw Chain 4 x 84DL Loops

Tooth - Semi or Full chisel
Pitch - 3/8"
Gauges - .058 Husqvarna &  .063 Stihl

PROKUT™ chain features:

  • Every component is precisely manufactured from high-quality German steel.
  • Engineered for precision, balance and low vibration.
  • Manufactured to exacting standards of strength, durability, and quality.
  • Chromed cutters for a sharper edge and a longer life.
  • Every single rivet used in PROKUT™ chain is individually induction-hardened for a precise, consistent hardness providing unrivaled stretch and wear resistance.
  • Each PROKUT™ chain is pre-stretched including bulk chain rolls. This provides a high-performance chain that is ready to use with the absolute minimum of stretch straight out of the box!
  • Every single PROKUT™ cutting tooth is stamped with the pitch and gauge of the chain to make each chain easily identifiable at a quick glance.

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