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Chainsaw Chain MAYA 3/8" .063 72DL Full Chisel

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$20.00 AUD

 Maya Saw Chain

  • 72 Drive Links 
  • 3/8" Pitch  
  • .063" Gauge    
  • Full Chisel Cutter

Maya is manufactured from SAE 8660 steel, all components are precision engineered for balance and low vibration. Cutters are advanced heat treated and tempered for improved cutting performance. Drive links are designed with indentations to improve oil retention. Rivets are induction hardened to provide unrivalled stretch & wear resistance. Maya is machine sharpened ready to use out of the box.

Maya provides a range of quality chainsaw chains to meet the needs of homeowners and professional loggers. The E series Full chisel has a sharp pointed tooth with flat top plate, it cuts 10% faster than semi chisel when cutting clean wood. A perfect choice for cutting clean firewood or felling green trees.

Buy with confidence Maya is a quality chain that resists stretch, cuts wood as designed and is easy to sharpen.