Chainsaw Chain Carlton 3/8 .063 Semi Chisel 100ft Roll Canada factory

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Carlton Saw Chain 100ft  3/8" .063" Semi chisel

Brand new Carlton saw chain complete with joiner links and retail cardboard loop boxes.
Each box contains 100ft, 1640 drive links, with 25 joiner links and cardboard storage boxes. Carlton saw chain is sharpened after assembly to make cut fast out of the box, all rivet bearings are lubricated with a hypoid lubricant to reduce wear and prolong the life of every chain. Carlton semi chisel is ideal for cutting dry wood, its round tooth holds an edge longer than full chisel.
  • Tooth - Semi chisel 
  • Roll Length 100ft - 1640 drive links
  • Pitch - 3/8"
  • Gauge - .063" 
  • SKU - A3EP-100U
  • Made by Blount Industries in Canada