GB Milling Bars SALE 10% OFF

GB Milling Bars Available to fit Medium or Large Chainsaws.

GB Arbor Tech milling range are available in SNHL mount (12mm slot)  20", 25", 30" 36" & 42" or HS mount (14mm slot) 48"

Arbor Tech milling are manufactured in 3/8LP pitch .050 gauge. Arbor Tech milling range are only 4.2mm thick a great choice for medium powered chainsaws. "Tip" remember to change your 3/8 drive sprocket to 3/8 low profile. 3/8LP standard spline rim sprockets. Rims sprockets sold seperate.

GB Extra Long milling range are available in HV mount (9mm) or HS mount (14mm) Extra long are designed for high powered chainsaws over 90cc. available in lengths from 44" - 84" .063 gauge, .404 or 3/8 pitch. Extra Long are 6mm thick to resist flexing over extended lengths.

Double Ended milling are designed to mount a power head either end. Available in HSD 14mm mount, .063 gauge, lengths 44"- 84"

CNC machined bar spacers will adapt Arbor Tech milling, Extra Long & Double Ended bars to fit most popular chain saw brands. Husqvarna in 9-12mm or 9-14mm, Stihl 12-14mm. Bar spacers sold seperate.

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