Chainsaw Chain GB EVO2 3/8" .063 Semi Chisel

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GB EVO2 - Cutting Edge Saw Chain.

All components are manufactured from specially engineered nickel alloy steel to provide toughness, abrasion resistance and ductility. Industrial chrome plating results in superior edge-holding qualities resulting in chain that stays sharp longer in the field.

Shot peening of chain cutters, and drive links increase tensile strength. Pre-lubrication of the chain rivets with an extreme pressure lubricant provides protection of the heavily loaded chain rivets.

EVO II Saw Chain... delivers improved cutting performance and edge life.

EVO II Saw Chain is guaranteed to conform to the high quality you expect from all GB performance forestry equipment.

Pitch - 3/8"

Gauge - .063

Tooth Profile - Semi chisel

Note: 25ft and 100ft rolls are supplied with chain joining links.